Majority, in this context, is a polite word for privileged. The people that have implicit or explicit power in our society. I’m not going to get too political here (I have a blog for that, when I’m not discussing my stockings or lingerie) but in short, if you visibly have most or all of the following attributes: male, white, middle or upper-middle class, employed, cis-gendered, able-bodied and more or less heterosexual in your tastes, then you are a majority client. Everyone else: click here.

Those attributes characterise many of my clients. But within that group, there is great diversity. There are clients younger than me, and more than twice my age. Tall and short, fat and thin, handsome, interesting and neither. There are people who count as majority clients because their minority backgrounds don’t affect their economic ability to see me; if your race or disability hasn’t stopped you getting a good job, you are still a majority client.

I am not sure what you need to know about me, since plenty of you are already finding me. I am intelligent, beautiful and you’ll be able to have an interesting conversation with me as well as enjoy sensual, hedonistic pleasures of the flesh. You can trust me to facilitate gentle steps (or extreme, to some people!) into fetish/BDSM if that’s what you’re interested in.

You can also take me home to your wife or girlfriend: if she’ll enjoy it, I certainly will. If I’m the nearest to a girlfriend you have, then I can also share you with one of my lovely friends. They come in many genders and shades of grey. Please have a look at my community page to check out some of the fabulous people I work with. Threesomes are really my speciality; it’s where my extra-ordinary multi-tasking capacities meet my personal love of having both nipples licked at once.

If you brushed over the information about me to get to this part, then do have a read about my other work; my training/background and sneak a peek at the gallery. I believe that arousal is cerebral as well as visual, but most of my recent clients comment on my writing as much as my photos. I am also known for:

-          My love of vintage style

-          My classical and yet unusual beauty

-          My petite stature

-          Professionalism, integrity and discretion

-          Open and clear communication, both in discussion of your erotic needs and with scheduling

If you’ve read as much as you need, here’s how to contact me to book an appointment. Liaisons with me start at £250/hr (unless you are a current or former client, in which case your previous arrangement still applies) and end at long-term or holiday arrangments, by application.