Need a little time to talk to me about something? Ask me questions? Discuss your sexuality? Plan a holiday or liaison together?

I have always offered “social time”- a piece of cake and some friendly chatter together in a public but discreet place, to couples who prefer to meet me before committing to an arrangement, at £100/hr. This may be negotiable for minority clients. I am happy to offer social time to solo majority clients on the same basis as couples, for the same purposes.

Of course, it is fine (and free!) to talk to me by phone to briefly discuss arranging to meet. In-depth discussions of what we might do together are probably best done in an above “social time” booking or by webcam/skype, if you aren’t ready to book an appointment to meet me face-to-face. I am also more than happy to exchange emails with you and I frequently correspond with those in long-term arrangements with me.

Please just rest assured that we can take things at your pace, and explore and enjoy together.

Looking forward to hearing from you already…