Most importantly: the more notice you give me, the better likelihood of being able to get an appointment with me.  At least 24hours notice is preferred, and more for longer arrangements.

I like a little introduction to you, and then as many words as you like about what you’d like from our time together or any question you may have that is not answered on any of my public information/profile. Please email me at violetxrose at gmail dot com

Once we’re basically acquainted via email, I’m happy for you to go ahead and suggest a time for us to meet.  I visit other places at my own or your instigation, and these times and places are usually flexible, so the best thing to do is ask. I visit London roughly monthly, and other places occasionally; get in touch for upcoming visit dates.

If you are a new client meeting me in London, the likelihood is that I will need a deposit from you to secure your appointment. This is easily and discreetly done, and will be 20-30% of your appointment cost or £100, whichever is greater. If you need to cancel our arrangements at short notice, your deposit will be held towards an appointment during my next visit to London. After that, another deposit will be necessary to secure a new appointment with me.

In the event that I cancel an appointment at short notice, you will be given absolute priority over my time during my next visit to London. In the event that you cancel an appointment with less than 24hours notice, given the level of professional courtesy I dedicate to all my clients, I ask that you consider transferring 100% of the arranged fee, or £1000, whichever is less. I can give you instructions to do this without compromising your identity. A proportion of this cancellation fee will be donated to a human rights organisation of my choice. This does not apply to appointments re-arranged within the same visit or to minority clients.