Violet Rose, independent Berlin & London courtesan; part-time real-life vintage pin-up gal; sexuality professional and educator.

One-to-one sessions, sexuality coaching, workshops and writing.

This is a website for people seeking real-life (but paid-for) salacious liasons with someone beautiful, independent and intelligent, if this is or may be you, then do cast your eye over the rest of the information on this website before getting in touch. I’m socially conscious and ethically minded; it’s the exploration and enjoyment of human sexuality that led me to undertake this work. *

In addition to being a part-time lady-of-fixed-rate-virtue, I’m also an experienced workshop facilitator, teaching to the masses all the kinds of sexy things you expect me to know in private: safer sex, better sex, consent/ negotiation/ boundaries, sex skills etc. I also speak in varying dialects of academic/political at all kinds of events, and even occasionally take my clothes off in public, for charidee, darling. Never a dull moment!

If you are seeking a titillating and erotic experience from reading a sex worker blog then perhaps try elsewhere, as my writing tends towards the self-absorbed and/or political/pointless musings/rants; also my blogging is very sparse and updates sporadic in the extreme. I’m not going to apologise: I’m generally too busy somewhere having sex or enjoying the rest of my life to litter the Internet with my poor literary attempts…

If you are yourself a sex worker of any kind, then do use the “useful stuff” links and get in touch on twitter/email/saafe if you’d like to swap links/info/cake.

*as well as, obviously the delights of self-employment; good work/life balance; *ahem* remuneration and a career-long supply of hotel toiletries.