Celebrating Eroticon 2013: a mini-blog carnival

I am sure you will all have noticed my silence on social media over the Christmas and New Year: no blogging and even no twitter (gasp!) Thankfully, I’m gradually leaving my winter hibernation now and crawling, eyes blinking into a new social spring. Those of you following on twitter will have noticed the tail-end of my house move. That lengthy process plus a short period of ill health were a few of the many reasons for my blog neglect. Apologies again!

In celebration of new motivations and my appearance at Eroticon during the first weekend in March, I am going to have a little blog carnival of my own! I hereby vow to publish all the things I have written, half-written, considered and procrastinated over, and catch you up with my doings over the past couple of months. I’ll write about some of the workshops I’ve given, and likely talk about some politics stuff. And lingerie (obv!).
I’d firstly like to mention a few of my own blogging inspirations…

These are all-but-one safe-for-work links, since I’ve decided in future I’d like this blog to let you know a bit more about who I am as a person. Not everything I do or think about is sex-related! Most (all?) of my clients appreciate and enjoy me as a multi-faceted individual who they can have interesting conversations with, and in any case, some of you will get to know more about me if you get to see me speak, perform or give a paper this year. There’s plenty of that coming up in the next few months!

People I Love On The Internet: gala darling


Gala Darling and her radical self-love project (No! not that kind!) is one of my favourite things on the Internet. An unashamed celebration of life, an affirming and happy guide to all things pink and sparkly. She’s a motivational speaker, social media guru and a generally all round lovely lady. I’d have loved to have been at her recent Blogcademy event- maybe next time!


Rarely Wears Lipstick. I’m proud to know this lady in real life and this smart blog discusses fashion, sex and relationships, with a special focus on ethical non-monogamy. Lori is one of the #polymeansmany bloggers, a group who publish a post on an agreed aspect of polyamory each month.


ReeReeRockette of Rockalily London. Whilst I’m not always super switched in to the things RRR posts about (and I resent hairdressers who charge based on gender), I have an enormous respect for her as a self-employed business person and her usage of social media in entrepreneurship. Love her fabulous style too… I have a secret hope that her business group #wwmoob would accept sex workers and I could network with this smart group of fab women. I even once bought one of her gorgeous lipsticks as a Christmas gift for a friend!


And finally, because I’m drip-feeding you femme-flowery links full of lipstick and glitter, I’m going finish up with one of the smartest, most excellent sex blogs on the internet. If you aren’t already addicted to Pervocracy yet then that’s your evening/weekend/next year’s reading sorted. You’re welcome.
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